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Summer 2024 Auburn Basketball

Summer fun!  Contrary to popular belief, summer is not a time when coaches take a break.  Along with running summer camps, our coaches have worked tirelessly to recruit players that will fit in with the veteran guys.  They did an incredible job!


In addition to meeting with our current players, I stay busy connecting with the new guys.   I am there to greet them when they arrive at the dorms, help carry in the belongings and connect with the family.  I also take them out for a meal.  God has used those times of one-on-one interaction to break barriers and open spiritual dialogue.  I truly believe we recruited men who will make Auburn proud on and off the court.   


Recently, I started a Bible Study with the team, co-led by Dylan Cardwell.  We are taking the entire team through the book of John, chapter by chapter.  So far, our interactions and conversations have been incredible.  Last week Coach Pearl, Steve Pearl, and Chad Prewett joined the study.


As always, I will help organize community service for our players over the summer.  I will also coordinate team visits to various churches across Auburn so players can attend Sunday morning worship. 


In August (August 28-September 1st) I will be leading the team on a trip to Honduras. The trip is in partnership with a ministry called Forgotten Children’s Ministry.   When I gave my initial sales pitch for the mission trip, I thought we would have 5 or 6 guys sign up.   However, we had a whopping 18!!!  Originally, I was given 12 spots so thankfully FCM leaders expanded that number.  This will be an incredible time for our players.  My hope is that we would draw closer to Jesus and to each other as we serve together.  



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