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A Sense of Urgency

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I had the privilege of speaking to the Auburn Baseball team before a 6am practice. To my surprise, there were 60 plus people in the room with players, coaches, and support staff. Because of the success they had in the previous season I wanted to talk about not being complacent but having a since of urgency in pursuit of success.

I decided to turn to the book of Mark. Mark is an incredible book and an example of how we should live our lives. In Mark 1, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit alighted on him and God the Father affirmed Jesus as His son. From that point, we see a since of urgency from Jesus to carry out his mission.

Notice how many times the word "immediately" appears in Mark 1.

1:12- “IMMEDIATELY”- there is a since of urgency to share the gospel. But first, he has to go defeat Satan in the wilderness to fulfill the Scripture.

1:14- Jesus displayed courage. John had just been arrested, yet Jesus still shared the gospel!

1:17- Jesus’ desire is for us to be fishers of men, and he teaches others to do the same.

1:18- “Immediately” again there is a since of urgency.

1:20- “Immediately”

1:21- “Immediately” Jesus began to preach after entering the synagogue.

1:30- “Immediately” addressed the sick.

1:35- The sense of urgency drove Jesus to wake up early and pray.

2:1- Jesus went out to Capernaum “again”. He was on the move, coming back to do ministry, doesn’t give up on Capernaum.

God the Father verbally expressed he was pleased with Jesus from the very beginning. That alone, could have been a reason to coast, or go through the motions as if he had arrived or made it. However, Jesus didn’t settle. He had a job to do and he pursued it with a sense of urgency. The result: He saved the world.

My message to the baseball team was simply that. It’s great to sit back and say, “The Auburn community is pleased with us, we did so well last year”. But, champions, give their best each day and lose sleep at night wondering if they could have done more. Approach each day as if it’s your last and give the Lord your very best. Have a sense of urgency to complete the mission God has given you.


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